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Energy Conservation: Retrofit installations in medium and low temperature food cases and walk-in coolers with General Electric’s electronic commutated motors (ECM) are another specialty we have extensive experience with.

Lighting: Re-Lamping, Case lighting retrofits and general lighting retrofits from the T12 to T8 and/or to T5 are contributing to significant energy savings for our customers. We are well versed in re-lamping and retrofits of all sizes from case lighting to warehouse distribution centers. We have done installations throughout the United States. These savings on average per location are 20% to 30% in lighting energy costs alone!

Pressure Washing: Air Cooled Condensers, Evaporator units, Store Fronts, Sidewalk, Grease Bin/Compactor Areas, Fuel Centers, etc. We keep our customers facilities operating at its peak performance and presentation.

With our Regular Preventative Maintenance and Service Call programs we will have equipment operating efficiently extending the life of the equipment. We help our customers find potential problems, reduce downtime and help eliminate emergency service calls.

HVACR: Over ten years of experience in preventative maintenance with walk-in coolers, case tune-up, case cleaning, case de-icing, Roof Top Units (RTUs), Air Handling Units (AHUs), and air cooled condensers.


ProTech Building Services provides a low-cost energy efficient maintenance and service program. We will clean light fixtures and replace lamps at regular intervals, and do minor electrical repairs. We offer total solutions to optimize our customers system’s performance while minimizing maintenance costs, and generating energy savings.

The benefits are many: Consistent light, brighter and improved appearance of furnishings and merchandise.

Group re-lamping is one of the most important aspects of maintenance. When light levels are below acceptable safety standards, and spot replacements become too expensive a group re-lamp is the most cost-effective alternative. When all of the lamps are changed at once there is a more consistent replacement schedule. These allow our customers to better know when burnouts will occur based on light hours, therefore, our re-lamp programs can be implemented before this occurs. Our customers maintenance programs become budgeted, controlled and a predicted expense.

Scheduled group re-lamping involves calculating the average remaining life of the lamps and the corresponding lamp lumen depreciation. ProTech Building Services offers light level analysis before and after work is performed to ensure our customers get the optimal light output for their dollars spent.

LED Retrofits

Light Emitting Diodes (LED) technology is the future in lighting. LED systems are quickly becoming the light source of choice for various applications due to their reliability, long life, energy efficiency and low maintenance requirements.

ProTech Building Services offers a variety of LED retrofit programs to help you take advantage of this cost effective option – contact us regarding these options!

Outdoor Lighting

ProTech Building Services offers national, regional and local coverage with our lighting services.

With consistent exterior maintenance our customer’s property lighting operates at peak efficiency, which allows our customers to save substantially on monthly and annual operating costs. A regularly scheduled maintenance program can cost significantly less and improve your outdoor appearance.

We provide repair and maintenance of exterior, parking lot and outdoor signage. Our service technicians perform scheduled and on-call night inspections to ensure that your signage system(s) operate effectively. With specially designed mobile service units and vehicles that reach heights of up to 100 feet, there is virtually no outdoor installation that we cannot handle safely!


Sign Maintenance

Well-lit signs not only reinforce your company’s image, but also ensure the security of your property and the safety of your customers and employees.

ProTech Building Services offers a full-service maintenance program for customers ranging from small, single-unit storefronts to large national corporations.

Our technicians arrive on-site with a fully equipped vehicle(s). All vehicles come with everything needed to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

T5 Retrofit

Reduce Energy Consumption! Upgrade your existing HID System to a T5 system

When upgrading with T5 Fluorescent lamps your energy load can be reduced by up to 50%. When you know that as much as half of the total electricity used can be attributed to a HID system — you cant afford not to find out more about our T5 programs.

Whether its a grocery store, warehouse or distribution center with high bay fixtures or a gas station with a canopy… ProTech Building Services provides the solution!

Warehouse / Distribution Center Retrofit Program

Save 25% – 50% off your energy load by upgrading your existing HID system to a T5 system. Typical Return On Investment (ROI) for these types of upgrades are 1.5 to 2 years.

T5 / LED Gas Canopy Retrofit Program(s)

ProTech Building Services has a program that replaces Metal Halide or Pulse Start systems with a T5 / LED recessed fixture. This retrofit uses less energy and gives a better quality illumination.

T8 Retrofit

ProTech Building Services T8 retrofit program is designed specifically for customers who have upgraded their facilities in the past, but now can take advantage of new technologies to save incremental dollars.

Are you a T8 candidate?

  • Is your existing T8 system over 8 years old?
  • Are operating hours greater than 3,800?
  • Is the system poorly maintained?
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